Reasons to Love Windows Rugged Tablet II

  • Many businesses are choosing to use Rugged Tablet, rather than a PC or laptop. Obviously, their durable exterior and the fast-processing system makes it an obvious choice for many companies.

    However, one worry that many have is that they won’t be able to use their beloved Windows system on their rugged tablet. Did you know that the majority of rugged tablets are compatible with windows?

    If you’re planning on combining Windows and your rugged tablet, you’re making an excellent decision. Here are reasons why you should love Windows on a rugged tablet.

    Ease of maintenance from your IT support

    If you’re already running Windows on your computers, your IT staff will love the idea of using Windows 10 tablets in the warehouse or in the field. User profiles, security settings, networking sharing permissions and more will all be readily available with minimal (if any) extra setup. Alternatively, you can set up your tablets with a generic log-in for all users, and control user profiles within applications.

    4. Increased speed of deployment

    You’ll be up and running in no time if you choose a rugged Windows tablet. When you are provisioning new devices, the process will be nearly identical to how Windows laptops and desktops in your office are setup. AbeTech can provision your tablets for you before you receive them, or your internal IT teams can handle provisioning. Either way, the process will be just like your current provisioning process.

    5. The widest variety of truly rugged, purpose-built tablets

    If you want the benefits of a large screen and need a rugged device, Rugged Windows Tablet are your best bet in today's marketplace. At AbeTech we love Android and frequently tout its strengths as a mobile operating system in industrial data capture environments. It can’t be ignored, however, that in the current state of the industry, you will have more options to choose from when buying rugged tablets if you go with Windows 10.More information, please click