World of Warcraft feature system

  • World of Warcraft feature system

        Copy PVE

        The copy is in "World of Warcraft", the concept is similar to other "dungeons" of the same type of game, players can form a team to enter these dungeons for a copy of the Raiders. In order to avoid mutual interference between different teams, for the same copy, the system will create an independent dungeon for each team, and use the map data as a distinction.

        "World of Warcraft" has a huge number of copies, with a large number of elite monsters that are more difficult to kill than ordinary monsters, and the rewards of the mission rewards and monsters and bosses (Boss) will be better than the rewards of ordinary missions. Quality. Depending on the size of the dungeon, the copy is generally divided into small copies (for 5 to 10 squad adventures) and large team copies (all copies up to 25 people can be risky after the expedition, but the previous 60 copies are mostly 40 People team adventures, and large team copies are significantly more difficult and intensive than small copies.

        The copy cooling time (CD) usually means that after the team enters, whether the completion or not, after the Boss is completed, a team number will be generated, and each team number will have a cooling time.

         PVP system

        World PvP
        Azeroth is full of conflict fighting, especially on PvP servers. That is to say, the encounter between the members of the opposing enemy camp.

        In order to accomplish all kinds of goals, the player kills with the members of the enemy camp and wins to get more honor points. Win PvP currency to buy all kinds of exclusive weapons and armor equipment.

        The confrontation of the arena is composed of two, three or five players. The key to the arena team is to cooperate. If this is done, the flag will be able to win, otherwise the whole army will be wiped out; the form of the game will be arranged in the top of the pyramid. Winning in battle can improve individual and team rankings. At the same time, you will get the high-level currency of conquest points to buy epic armor, weapons and accessories to face the battle. But the most powerful equipment needs the corresponding Arena points to buy. Arena battle scenes are divided into Blade's Edge Mountain Arena, Dalaran Sewer, Nagrand Arena, Lordaeron Ruins, Tiger Peak, and Tovelon Arena.

        When fighting in the arena, there are many powerful players to participate. If you are a newbie, it is not recommended to go to the battlefield. Because they will be abused, and they will be miserable by those gods. For those who have good technology, it is recommended to buy the appropriate equipment, click on the website ZZWOW to see what is suitable for you, of course, Buy WOW Classic Gold is the most basic thing.

    Reputation system

        The reputation of a character affects the interaction of a monster or creature with a character, and the reputation is divided into several levels.
        Worship: the highest level of prestige that can be achieved
        Respect: a special camp reserved for special heroes
        Dear: There are certain discounts on purchasing merchant items.
        Friendly: the standard reputation of the player's camp
        Neutral: Standard reputation for non-KOS that is not part of the player's camp
        Frosty: Can't buy, sell, and interact.
        Hostile: killing at first sight
        Hate: Kill at first sight.