World of Warcraft Classic role introduction

  • World of Warcraft Classic role introduction


    The priests use powerful healing magic to protect themselves and their companions. They can also cast powerful offensive spells in the distance, but because of their physical weakness and thin equipment, there is a possibility of being knocked down. Experienced pastors will carefully use their aggressive spells when they are responsible for protecting the life of the Alliance.
    Pastor Talent Specialization: Discipline, Divine, Shadow
    Type: Healing, Remote Magic Damage output
    Standard bar: life, mana
    Available Armor: Cloth
    Available weapons: dagger, one-handed hammer, wand, wand
    Optional specialization: Discipline (treatment), sacred (healing), shadow (harm output)
    Races to choose from: humans, night elves, dwarves, draenei, gnomes, werewolves, blood elves, undead, trolls, tauren, goblins, pandaren.


    Stalkers often attack from the dark in a sneak attack, taking the lead in vicious close combat. In a protracted war, they use a carefully selected series of consecutive attacks to weaken the enemy's strength for a fatal blow. Stalkers must be especially cautious when selecting targets so that their combined attacks are not wasted. If the battle is not good for them, you must know when it should be hidden or escaped.
    Stalker talent specialization: assassination, battle, keen
    Type: Melee damage output
    Standard strip: life, energy
    Available armor: Cloth, Leather
    Available weapons: bow, scorpion, dagger, glove, one-handed axe, one-handed hammer, one-handed sword
    Optional specialization: assassination (damage output), combat (damage output), keen (damage output)
    Races to choose from: humans, dwarves, night elves, gnomes, werewolves, blood elves, orcs, undead, trolls, goblins, pandas.


    In battle, the shaman posed the totem-like totem or maneuvering totem on the ground, pinning the enemy while maximizing the gain totem effect. The shaman is a versatile man who can attack at close range and from a distance, but the wise shaman chooses the attack position based on the enemy's strengths and weaknesses.
    Shaman priest talent specialization: element, enhancement, recovery
    Type: Healing, Remote Magic Damage Output, Melee Damage Output
    Standard bar: life, mana
    Available armor: Cloth, Leather, Mail, Shield
    Available weapons: dagger, glove, one-handed axe, one-handed hammer, staff, two-handed axe, two-handed hammer
    Optional specialization: element (damage output), boost (damage output), recovery (healing)
    Races to choose from: Delaney, Dwarf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Goblin, Pandaren.

    The term thief after TBC no longer exists in the game, replaced by the stalker. Accompanied by the shadows, the thieves who are good at fleeing Azeroth are best at acting behind the scenes. Change the event according to their wishes, and have the greatest advantage to attack: this is the best thieves. With old-fashioned strategies, extraordinary skills, and excellent deception and hiding abilities, thieves are well-versed in stealing, murder, spying and assassination. If you use WOW Classic Gold, it will be much better.

    Thieves are a very attractive and interesting profession. The effectiveness of your operation depends on how well you learn to master the thief profession. This includes a lot of things, but you will have mastery with enough knowledge and experience.
    Career advantage: Sneak ability allows thieves to be more vulnerable to dangerous places than other occupations; has the ability to unlock; sprinting ability makes it easier for thieves to escape from fighting or chasing enemies.
    Occupational disadvantages: Leather armor, the ability to resist damage is relatively weak. You can choose whether to follow the advantage of the stalker to maximize its potential. If so, it is recommended that you learn more about the stalker's expertise and then go to to purchase the suit and equipment that best suits the stalker.