WOW: The Shadow of Naxxramas

  • WOW: The Shadow of Naxxramas

        The ancient god Ksuan is hidden in the depths of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. This monster, known as the Thousand Eyes Demon, is there like a nightmare, for the curse of flesh and blood, for eating, crazy to seduce its worms to invade Ai Zelas mainland, but unfortunately finally lost in the hands of the Alliance and the tribal army under the leadership of the bronze dragon, it seems that the world once again ushered in a brief peace.

        Arthas, the former Prince of Lordaeron, and now the Lich King, spent a lot of time to cultivate his reply after the fierce battle with Illidan in the Frozen Throne. Now he is stronger than the original, the Lich What Wang Naizu did not do, he will do better today, so the Scourge is once again making a comeback, and as the leading force, Arthas’s leader and loyal servant Kel'Thuzad will lead a huge Floating War Fortress - Naxxramas visits this familiar and unfamiliar continent of Azeroth.

        Since the split with the Scarlet Crusade, Silver Dawn has been active in the Eastern Plaguelands as the backbone of the Scourge, but recently they have discovered a large number of Dark Magic Circles in this dead land, accompanied by those that have already become Once again, the rotten body stood up, and the huge floating fortress was covered in the sky above the Eastern Plague as the shadow of death. Everything seemed to return to the horror of the invasion of the natural disaster, but this time, it experienced the battle of Ahn'Qiraj. The heroes of the baptism will pick up the weapon again for this world.

    Version introduction
        In June 2005, World of Warcraft officially landed in China. "World of Warcraft" is capped at level 45 in the beta stage. The initial setting, such as the wizard's change of sheep, is applied to the player for 45 seconds, and can be eaten and drunk; the Tauren has no mount but has a grassland rushing skill; the hunter uses energy, the baby uses Blue; there is a GM island in the middle and so on.
        After the official release of the 60-level version, while adding a lot of new copies, such as the Scarlet Monastery, the sinking temple. Then the opening of the Molten Heart (60+ level 40 people raid copy), and the gradual opening of other copies of Stratholme, Scholom, Blackrock Tower and so on.
        In version 1.09, World of Warcraft opened the only server-level epic mission—Ahn'Qiraj's open-door mission. Due to the high difficulty of the mission and the scale, it takes a whole server alliance and tribal players to work together to complete the CTM version. This task has been removed.
        In version 1.11, World of Warcraft opened a new 40-person team copy - Naxxramas, which is also the last team copy of the classic old age, due to extreme popularity (including the T3 suit that players think is out of print), at WLK Re-debut.
        At the same time, during this time period, wow launched the long-standing currency system of players in the mainland - WOW Classic Gold. He is the value-added currency in the game, players can buy WOW Classic Gold to distance players from other classes to help them achieve higher game status in the game. Classic WOW Gold can be purchased by clicking

    Burning expedition
    story background
        The Doomsday Lord Kazak reopened the Dark Portal to the Outland, and the tidal Burning Legion Demon engulfed Azeroth. The tribes and alliance expeditions, with the addition of the new race blood elves and draenei, became more powerful, they traversed the portal to block the invasion of the Burning Legion from the source. In the Hellfire Peninsula, where the outer domain is dry, the Alliance has found many heroes who have been stationed there through portals many years ago. At the same time, the tribes also contacted Maghahan, a group that did not participate in the initial invasion of Azeroth by their people. Corrupted the orc tribe. The expeditionary forces in the outer domain are the commanders of the disputed army, and who will be responsible for further conflicts against the aide to the already-breaking territory of Illidan Storm.

    Version introduction
        On September 6, 2007, China World of Warcraft officially opened the expansion pack "The Burning Crusade" after the maintenance and update. The initial content of the expansion includes: the upper limit of the level is increased to 70, and the two races of the blood elf and the draenei are added. New area: Outer domain that arrives through the Dark Portal, a copy of the heroic mode in a non-team copy, for a higher level of difficulty and a better reward. New missions and items can be added to flying mounts that can be used in the outer domain. New profession: Jewelry processing professionals can create magical gems for inlays in new perforated items. And the opening of the arena system, the eyes of the new battlefield storm or the world's PvP content in each region to confront.