Fortnite has been executing the most impressive multiplayer

  • An ideal battle in Fortnite is two players racing for the high ground, slamming together brick recon towers and trading rifle shots until someone runs low on ammo. One player strings together some ramps off the lip of their tower to get a clear view of their opponent from above, but the other player edits holes in their tower floors until they reach the ground. And store offers cheap Fortnite Boost online for you!

    On a micro level, the combat is a lot of fun, especially in multiplayer. Melee combat feels especially good. I spent most of my time as a highly mobile assassin type ninja, wading into the fight and taking down a half-dozen husks in one swing. Timing my swings was key in order to build up combos, but I never felt like my character animations were slowing me down or keeping me from moving on to the next kill.

    Epic has improved the general performance for the most part, though. Animations are crisper, framerate drops are almost non-existent, and the cartoon environment feels richer and more detailed than ever before. There are still some annoyances, such as peculiar item pickup issues. Unlike other games, the prompt to grab a new weapon or item has a curiously small window. You can be standing on top of it and still not be able to pick it up. This, like other general gameplay grievances, is only a minor issue, though.

    Fortnit weapons are divided into rarities, depicted by color, that dictate their power. There is none of PUBG or Apex Legends attachments; that gun you picked up is as good as it is going to get. This absence makes gearing up for the fight tighter than in other battle royales, though the actual gunplay can feel floaty and imprecise. Apart from guns, there are ridiculous weapons that come and go regularly, grenades that make enemies dance or turn their feet to blocks of ice, launchers that fire rockets you can ride on, boomboxes that destroy buildings. The lack of blood and gore makes it more child friendly than other shooters, and the whole thing is wrapped in a Dreamworks esque shell. Whether it is jumping out of the Party Bus to start a match, or picking up items like a launchpad to send you flying through the air, Fortnite feels reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon.

    Although Fortnite has been executing the most impressive multiplayer narrative in games for over a year now, none of that matters if the game isn’t enjoyable to play. But there is a reason it is captured the attention of millions around the world for so long, and it isn’t just down to the Floss dance and Skull Trooper skin. This architectural combat jazz is the norm, neither position necessarily ensuring life or death for the other player, there are still plenty of ways out of or into a mess. A well placed launch pad from above could jettison the player higher, allowing for a second, smaller skydive down to a better position from their vantage.