You CLEARLY Havent taken a stat class

  • You CLEARLY Havent taken a stat class. You cant just take days that winrsgold are single. You have to look throughout that year at peak times. Of COURSE content upgrades effect runescape player count. Why does that matter? After mobile, we had greater runescape player counts of updates. You can't just pick and choose specific peak times that support your argument. And it doesnt affirm it what so ever. You admitted the ramifications of updates. That there hasnt been lots of the year. They attempted releasing a new skill but pass polling. Mobile still retained those amounts that were consistent regardless of updates. Something runescape didnt do before mobile. That matters. Does this go on your head?

    Substantial updates for rs3 have kept the runescape participant count consistent in any respect. Menaphos didnt, 120 slayer didnt, smithing and mining rework didnt, even bank rework, dino island we lost runescape players over time. The runescape participant counts had peaks often along with a consistent runescape participant count throughout the year. What's the big difference her involving runescapes? Mobile. Nothing and I mean nothing runescape 3 has completed content wise the past couple years has done ANYTHING to prevent the falling runescape player count.

    Something has to be done. Mobile is the one thing they're working on this could bring runescape players straight back. That's only a fact based on trends. They fall mobile and keep on doing what they are currently doing? That's going to kill runescape. Even if they speed up development and release great updates, will not change a damn thing.Hell, the beta for cellular got me back to runescape and multiple pals. It is not a myth.And how the hell would you know that older runescape players werent bailing from old school and also the runescape player count was supplemented with the new runescape players which we KNOW made new accounts or tucked into older ones.

    Putting runescape on the market and making it available to more people is almost always a fantastic thing. If it just gets people talking about remembering runescape. You don't have any concept of business strategy what ever.Even those runescape participant counts you need to me are a terrific indication of cellular working you moron. Games lose runescape players over time. People today move on. That's true with any game. Maintaining powerful amounts over time is fuckimg fantastic.