Edit: Just realized I said I think there are better alternative

  • Again, I could totally get on board with RuneScape gold removing the duel arena (especially since it's essentially dead content now that friendly duels are possible anywhere), and like I said in my previous post Jagex really should be doing to adapt for people who have gambling issues (like allowing self-imposed limitations), but the gambling argument is feeble at best IMO.

    Edit: Just realized I said I think there are better alternatives but forgot to provide any! Classic. Anyhow summary because I am headed to bed -- If you would like to fix problems, you have to deal with the reason for the problem, not the symptoms. People wasting their money in the duel arena or on keys is not the problem, it's a symptom of the problem. The issue is gaming addiction. Yes, treating the symptoms by eliminating these systems entirely can assist, but at a cost to others like me (or at least pre-ironman me) who are perfectly responsible adults and are conscious of the hazards of gambling.

    I think Jagex needs to first comprehend and warn new Runescape players who Runescape game may involve betting if you picked, and they should also provide easy accessibility to mental health resources IN GAME, not just links on their site. For instance, an NPC that wanders the duel arena who you can chat to the links you directly to some help hotline/gambling fact sheet/whatever, or perhaps just links at the bottom of the duel interface. This is just a idea. Obviously this will not address the issue but this is a step in the right direction IMO, instead of a step.

    Folks remark with"your own responsibility" but honestly that's just bs and you know it, there's an addictive factor to it and there are people going broke irl because they buy bonds to cheap RS gold keep staking. It is the same issue TH faces but more addictive considering the much better odds and chances of wealth. You can not just kill an addiction by saying"it is your responsibility".If they are hurting themselves financially from an addiction in game and that's removed, they'll move on to another form.