The Blazers Forced a Game

  • The Blazers Forced a Game 7 Against buy mt 2k20 Nuggets in Denver

    The Nuggets failed to close out the series on Thursday, meaning the Blazers will travel to Denver for a Game 7. Blazers fans are hoping it can be Dame Time for one more game.

    “Don’t overthink, don’t make it some big, crazy deal or nothing like that,” Lillard noted to ESPN. “We’re going to play a basketball game. And it’s a big game, and we’ve won on their floor before, and we know what type of mentality we had when we did that.”

    Western Conference Finals Expected to Start on Tuesday, May 14

    The Warriors are awaiting their next opponent and the Western Conference Finals are expected to start on Tuesday, May 14, per Sports Media Watch. Golden State will face the winner of the Portland and Denver series. The Warriors are looking to win their third straight NBA title. Milwaukee will face either Philadelphia or Toronto in the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday, May 15th on TNT.

    Here’s a look mt buying service nba 2k20 the NBA playoff schedule for Sunday, May 12.