What the hell are the remaining people doing there?

  • What? I didn't have any clue about this. What the hell are the remaining people doing there? We dont have a proper customer support nor a OSRS gold proper marketing and advertising group for rs (ads are crap and this shit could easily be outsourced to a specialist advertising firms ). What the hell are those people doing there? Don't ask me, I don't get it. But in their reports they show to be between 300 and 400 employees in each of the past 5 years, annually and the amount of programmers has been falling down. It had been from the past year of the 50 and that is OS and RS3 united, including MTX and engine teams.

    I know how you're feeling. I recall probably they guaranteed to rework the Seers Village and Camelot. Over a year later and I haven't heard anything because the livestream ever from that announcement. Where they showed them functioning on the update.They cancelled the Camelot upgrade since they spent so many years"working" on it that they now consider the updated graphics too dated.I despise this excuse. Not only can it be complete BS, since even an"obsolete" graphical rework from 2014 would look better than the present 2002-7 graphics, but there's content from far longer past that still looks graphically sound today.For example, Priff was released in 2014 and it still looks fantastic. Fight Kiln premiered in 2012, and surprise surprise, nevertheless looks amazing!

    Not only do they have a team that is larger and access to better technologies and the ability to cover developers and devs they did back in 2008 however they generate revenue and profit. They have a parternship with a Chinese technology company to learn from Eastern MMOS. I know that Korean and Chinese MMOS are PaytoWin since I've played some and scummy, but at least they look and perform far better than dated RS3. Jagex is only led by inept management that do not know what to do when it comes to making an enjoyable game as they don't have the enthusiasm and leadership the original Gower brothers needed.

    And what comes my blood is it is just bad business sense (long-term). Purchasing a bit more income into a correct complete visual upgrade of the whole game (and many places are already magnificent and completed) would substantially increase Runescape player retention. Or play it, if they improved the new-Runescape player encounter. And that is what their focus ought to be. Not on articles for the ultra elite, of which there is so much content it is borderline lunacy. To perform that which in Runescape game may take tens of thousands of hours. We are talking real life degree of madness that is grinding.

    That is sufficient for now.Jagex please focus on revamping abilities, polishing zones, removing or renovate dead content, etc.. Instead of dismissing the sepsis rot that is poisoning the bunch make the game as pristine as most of its existing mechanics, systems and areas are. An illustration of this done the rs gold buying sites mining right and rework. Top-notch.