there is still a limitation on how much bank space you can proc

  • I will acknowledge that this"issue" is OSRS gold much more likely just me ranting, trigger really. Who goes around hoarding everything that comes their way... but I am a RuneScape player as well as everybody else here, and I don't really understand why, even more so after the lender update, there is still a limitation on how much bank space you can procure. I've read somewhere in this Reddit that the reason the bank is not massive to start with was that Jagex couldn't handle only handing out massive bank room to everyone, however I do not see why not just continue selling Bank boosters beyond this limit.


    Being completely honest with you, they are NOT cheap at all for what they offer! However it's not everybody who will require a 1400+ lender to begin with, so it sounds sensible to provide more space to the people willing to pay the premium for it. My scenario, because you can see in the pictures, is I have started discovering my joy in RuneScape match through making these"collections" that only continue growing. At this time I'm working on my Clue tab ( which has turned into a serious blow to bank room with all of those unique items) plus a slayer 120 + Insane Final Boss tab my area is definitely coming near to a limit as of now. Plus I maintain 300m+ of loot inside the Sophanem chest to avoid it touching my bank room.


    Money is their goal, so we can probably infer that for the cost the cost, selling more boosters wouldn't reevaluate the drain of having more people with more stuff stored in the machine. I'd love additional space, but it is unlikely that we will get anything any time soon. That being said, you choose to restrict yourself by holding on to items for sentimental value, and Jagex has a history of not catering to non-official (ie self-evident ) restrictions. You can save 2 bank spaces easily though, only get the previous soulstone, then combine them.


    It's actually supposed to be since they were hitting technical limits in the amount of time it would take to load/transfer/search banks of bigger dimensions. We got the lender placeholders update although I think that the bank rework was supposed to resolve this. Storage on this scale is economical, we're talking about two bonds for 50 spaces and regarding information a product is just a numerical item id, a numerical quantity and a bit of metadata. I can't say for certain just how much metadata a thing can have but even when they allowed for much more metadata than I've ever seen evidence of in match and items could be 100 bytes each that could still only be 5kb of storage.


    Within our inflated example of 100 bytes per item, you can store 400 million things for $9.99 a month using dropbox. If individuals paid $6.99 per bond to fill that 2TB, then Jagex would make $111,840,000. It would take over 11 million years to buy runescape gold for iphone the cost of hosting to outweigh the profit of those 1 time bond sales and that's assuming that everyone purchasing the area is p2p since f2p pay 3 bonds instead of 2. Obviously it's a little more complicated than that but that I hate when people claim that Jagex can't handle storing more data.