"The pursuit angles defenders take on protection is a huge part

  • "The pursuit angles defenders take on Mut 20 coins protection is a huge part of why the run is indeed successful," Madden participant Kyle"tug" Riederer informs me. "Tackling is still fairly poor even though it's enhanced with stains. Runners are also rewarded for having run stick/vision that was bad. Often people will run directly into the line with no penalty and break it for a huge profit because defensive players dumb out and won't handle."

    Like in esports, in Madden the metagame leads to strategies that top players take advantage of to win. This year it's all about the run. "It mostly creates an issue in aggressive play because it shrinks the ability gap," Riederer says. "People are able to keep running the ball because they know finally they will break a run. While its good that more people can compete, the randomness of this game makes it more challenging to make a consistent income while competing."

    Volterax did not win the championship just by harnessing Madden's faulty math engine. He game-planned extensively throughout the entire year last year, practicing against his competitor's strategies, carefully approaching the salary cap, and with his stick skills instead of the CPU to make tackles and locate holes.

    After Volterax gained a two-score lead in the third quarter, Drini had no option but to look downfield for plays. He let it loose, just for it to bobble off the palms of the Jaguars and then in the arms of their defense to get a decisive interception. It was Volterax's match. Drini just played inside.

    The exact scenario occurred and double it ended demonstrating that the strategy of Volterax couldn't be hung with by Drini. The run game, which the majority of competitors prioritized at the top eight mounts, was too much to handle. "There are ways to stop every run. It just takes knowledge, so it can be quite hard for the average participant who doesn't understand the intricacies of the sport," Volterax said. "There are several other players who also put in a lot of time like I did, but I really feel as I constructed the very best team and executed my game plan exactly how I labbed this up."

    While opinions on how honest the run game is in Madden differ, many in the area agree that the contest is heavily influenced by arbitrary factors. "I feel the present state of buy Madden 20 coins competitive Madden is it is going through growing pains. It's grown as an esport within the previous 3 decades, but unlike other esports, there is still an excessive amount of CPU/RNG involved rather than skill," Madden player ERock tells me. "For most esports like Call of Duty, it's competitor versus competitor. Someone can only control among these 11 players, so there is still a lot of the game [spent] hoping the CPU does what you want it [to]."