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  • World of Warcraft Jobs Hunter

        Azeroth is home to many beasts. From Lordaeron to Kalimdor, you can find a wide variety of creatures everywhere. They are very friendly, others are fierce - but they all have one thing in common. Every creature has a special connection with the hunter.

        Professional characteristics
        Ability to tame and control all kinds of beasts
        Ability to use the cheetah guard and wolf guard to speed up the movement of yourself and the team
        Have special skills to deal with the beast
        Ability to use different special skills of the beast
        Good at tracking beasts and players
        Only the leather armor can be worn in the initial stage, so the resistance to injury is weaker than the Paladin/Warrior.
        You can wear a lock after level 40.
        Can't wear plate
        Hunters have very few melee skills, and they are better at long-distance combat.

        Professional role
        Hunters are extremely harmful professions. Because of their excellent ability to pull monsters and attack monsters from a distance, they can of course defeat the enemy faster. Their pets add damage and can help control the monster's hatred to some extent. Hunters' various traps allow them to control monsters to some extent.
        Their combination of extreme attack distance, powerful damage, and trapping ability makes the hunter the best puller for any team. What we are talking about now is not how to play games. One of the most fascinating features of a profession is that players have a deep understanding of their specificity and ultimately master their operations!

        Races to choose from: Night Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf, Delaney, Werewolf, Goblin
    Standard value slot: health/manual value
    Equipment that can be used: Cloth, Leather, Mail
    Weapons that can be used: axe, dagger, musket, bow and arrow, scorpion, glove weapon, long handle weapon, staff, sword, throwing weapon, two-handed axe, two-handed sword.

        Professional skill selection
        You can choose any professional skill you want. You will find the following skills more suitable for hunters:
        Peeling and leather making - hunters can make leather for their own use or sell to others.
        Enchanting - Hunters can enchant their gear to make themselves stronger.
        Herbs and Alchemy - Hunters can create bonus spells or blood bottles and magic bottles
        Fishing and cooking - hunters can feed themselves and his pets. Starting with version 7.0, hunters can tame mechanical pets, but they need to learn to tame mechanical pet skills through mechanically linked props. Gnomes and goblins can directly tame mechanical pets by default. Before 4.0, humans, undead, etc. did not have hunters because the grid for creating game characters was not enough (game-like gameplay), and not races such as humans were unwilling to hunt for a living.

    In 7.0, the gnome can choose the hunter profession, so the hunter becomes the second occupation of all races after the warrior. League-related races: The pets of the Night Son look very much like the common beasts of the Surama, but they are just ordinary leopards. The Margaret Orc's pet wolf has a different model than the human pet classic wolf. And in version 7.0, with the effect of, the hunter's hunting effect is even better!