Was idly harpooning sharks in Runescape's

  • The streamer, B0aty, was idly harpooning sharks in Runescape's Fishing Guild when another participant strolled up wearing a very distinctive outfit. They began spamming emotes on the fishing pier, and within seconds every single participant in the runescape mobile gold Fishing Guild, not to mention the entire Twitch chat of several thousand audiences, captured the joke and burst into a chorus of PogChamps. Every last one of them was chanting the same title: Swampletics.

    Swampletics is a YouTube show in the participant named Settled's star. In other words, Swampletics is a Runescape personality who isn't able to trade with other players, store any items in your bank, oreven -- and this is the real kicker--depart the swampy area of Morytania. Settled must utilize the extremely limited funds available in Morytania to advance, and he must do everything on runescape accounts for sale his own with only 28 inventory spaces--as opposed to countless bank slots--to operate with.

    You might think he'll just get a team of maxed personalities to carry him through the raid, but you would be wrong. As Settled explained in a recent video, his ultimate raid team might have to coincide with the equipment and items he's on Swampletics, so the potency of his account will be the deciding factor in the raid's success.