SWTOR: Saber-rifle weapons in the 4th PvP season

  • No new maps, game modes or new hunters for Galactic Starfighter. Those who prefer to compete against human opponents, instead of SWTOR Credits just killing the AI, will not find any new features on the SWTOR roadmap for this year. However, PvP players are not completely exhausted, because at least there will be new weapons in the upcoming fourth season, which you can also see in the picture at the beginning of this article: The Swashbuckler's Weapon Set.

    If you've always wanted to run around with a hoax that looks like a heavy ship's cannon or a lightsaber that looks like a pirate's saber, then next season is just right for you. If not, then ... uh yes, then probably not.

    The Saber Raider weapons are one of the Tier 2 rewards of the SWTOR Credits US fourth season. There are also titles, trophies, a color crystal, a mount and a reward for the top 96 players. This is the official blog.