Path of Exile: Ready for Version 2.0?

  • The day has finally arrived: You can find version 2.0 on the servers of the MMO action role-playing game Path of Exile. And that means the first expansion The Awakening has been released for Path of Exile. The developers of Grinding Gear have published the very extensive patch notes in their forums.
    A clue that is important to any veteran: Adjusting the POE Currency balance will allow each character to fully reset their Passives. This only works if you press the button in the skill screen, which resets the skills. You have to do that before redistributing points, otherwise the free reset for the hero will be lost.

    If you've never tried Patch of Exile before, then maybe the time has come, because with The Awakening, Path of Exile's adventurous experience has been adjusted since the launch of the ARPG. In addition, character names of inactive heroes have been released. Inactive characters are considered to have not logged in last year. If you have such heroes yourself, then when you log in, you will be asked to Buy POE Items give a new name. The complete and more than 13,000 words patch notes can be found in the forum of Path of Exile. Below you can take a look at the launch trailer for The Awakening.