Path of Exile gets Jun from the Betrayal league as champion

  • While we have switched off members of the Immortal Syndicate for Jun Ortoi in the POE Currency Betrayal League, she joins the other masters from Synthesis to Niko, Einhar & Co. Accordingly, you gradually unlock her hide-and-seek decorations by joining her Senior Syndicate members kills. Meet Jun in Hohenpforte in Act 9. Here's more on how Jun, Veiled Modifiers, and other Betrayal elements get into the main game.

    Speaking of master mechanics: fans of the azurite mine may be happy, because if you encounter sulphite deposits in an area, then there will always be three sources of mining in the future. In the Betrayal league, many players were frustrated, because sometimes only one occurrence could appear on POE Orbs PS4 a map.

    The Synthesis League launches in Path of Exile on Friday, March 8, 2019, at 21:00 for PC gamers. Xbox players will have to wait until March 11, while the PS4 version will continue to appear in mid-March.