Path of Exile Team Expands on Unified Hideouts Coming with Bet

  • When the Betrayal content expansion launches in Path of Exile in December, it's coming with "unified hideout" system containing a great deal of players excited. In the intervening week since Betrayal was announced, players have asked plenty of questions about the brand new feature and GGG devs have got the time to Buy POE Currency reply to over a dozen covering many topics.

    Some key takeaways through the Q&A:

        hideout decoration limit is 750, much like it currently is made for large-size hideouts
        all league Favor are going to be united right into a single account-wide pool
        10 new tilesets will probably be added
        current hideout layouts is going to be saved "as-is" IF they use different tilesets. Hideouts sharing a tileset will discover the one with all the most decorations from it saved when 3.5.0 launches
        shared hideouts is usually edited
        waypoints inside hideouts could be moved

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