Madden 18 Longshot Mode: How Many Endings Are There?

  • Fans of Madden’s new Longshot mode is going to be curious to know there's more than one possible ending to your story. Your decisions and play impact Devin Wade’s draft stock.

    There can be a total of Madden Overdrive Coins three endings on the Longshot Story Mode. Be advised, in case you have not finished the mode there is going to be spoilers ahead when we discuss the 3 endings. If you do not would like to know the endings, remember to not read further, nevertheless, you can have a look at our spoiler-free review of Longshot here.

    The above video shows the three possible endings, which seems to be the limit of possibilities for conclusions towards the story. The main story will be the same in seventy one scenarios. Wade is trying to create the NFL, but is often a “longshot” after quitting the football team with the Madden NFL Overdrive Coins University of Texas. After the death of his father, he stepped clear of football and joined the Army. Wade faces an uphill battle to make the NFL after a number of years from football.