Win the MUT Coins like a professional in Madden NFL 20

  • EA Sports game changers are well-known members of the EA Sports community who use their expertise in our games to communicate, entertain and help others to win mut coins.

    Thanks to the new accuracy modifier, slamming the ball in Madden NFL 20 is a good offensive strategy. Passing the ball not only keeps the opponent away from each other, but also shortens the game time, reduces mistakes and, most importantly, wins more!

    We're here at maddentips to suggest a three headed assault. This will allow you to drive the ball inside and keep the chain in motion.

    Another important aspect of the three-way ground strategy is the ability to pass the ball outside. Once you find out that a defender gives too many defenders to the center, it's like playing and getting into the advantage. This is most effective when the speed (SPD) level of the backplane is 93 or higher.

    After the handover from QB, all the fun starts here. In Madden NFL 20, the back can release more than 30 action arsenals. Make sure you start with normal movement and focus on using blockers, purchasing madden coins and hard cutting with your left stick.

    If you're running at a fast rewind speed, make sure you're trying to use the right joystick for a combined move. In this way, you can string actions into a rotation like an automatic rotation, which will sink the defender into the dust. For larger reserves, turning the truck will put fear in the middle of the defense. By combining strokes, you can keep your opponent in balance.

    To save the best results, we have a new precision move that can be performed by holding down the precision modifier (LT on Xbox 360, L2 on PS3). These moves are limited to elite players who score more than 90 points in a particular category. For example, players with a 90 + rigid arm level can use sophisticated rigid arms to actually knock down the defense. Precise movement and the new run free system add new elements to the Madden NFL 20.