Final Fantasy 7's PS4 Port Includes Cheats For Scrubs

  • During PlayStation Experience 2015, Square Enix showed off the initial gameplay trailer with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. As expected, it elicited a reply somewhere between euphoria and curmudgeonly party-pooping.
    The PlayStation 4 port with the Final Fantasy 7 HD FFXIV Gil PC edition had also been given a surprise release on the event. You could possibly have missed it because, frankly, Square Enix is re-releasing Final Fantasy games so fast it'll probably get featured for the next season of Top Gear.
    It similar that this version in the game features many of the latest features that make the overall game considerably easier to experience. As discovered by IGN, you will discover three cheats in whole.
    The first, activated by pressing the L3 and R3 sticks simultaneously will toggle random encounters don / doff. If you've played the game before it will definitely conserve time and help you get for the bit in which the annoying healing girl gets shanked, which will be the best bit.
    If, however, you're playing this with the first time, don't see the paragraph before this as well as don't use this cheat, because this is not how it had been meant to become played and you'll suffer throughout the obnoxiousness of their game's random battles just like the rest folks did inside the mid-nineties.
    The second cheat, activated by holding along the L3 stick, will make the overall game run 3 x as fast, so you'll be able to get towards the cross-dressing mission ASAP. We understand.
    The third and final cheat, activated by pressing the R3 stick, enables you to refill health as well as the Limit Break Meters, which pretty much helps make the game entirely without requiring challenge, removes the a sense of satisfaction you have from defeating enemies, and devalues the progression, thereby making playing it style of pointless.
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