Sidefx Frost Blades - FAST clear speed All CONTENT

  • This build specializes in high attack speed to unleash several chaining projectiles with 86% cold pen, high crit chance and amazing attack speed in a very almost 360 radius near you , killing anything that dares compare.
    The weapon range increases with each amount of Frost Blades , so even if it truly is a melee skill , with good positioning , you might be outside of harms way most in the times you`re in a very fight.
    It is an entire Elemental build at 100% cold conversion , dealing no physical damage , therefore physical reflect mods will never affect you.
    Clear speed wise , although it is not competing with Vaal Spark (dead) , it's faster than most builds on the market and somewhat cheaper.
    Just a 4-Link setup will get you nearly T10 maps when you`re careful.
    This is usually a Softcore build. If you desire to Buy POE Currency play Hardcore , just be certain you pick more Life nodes in lieu of Damage nodes.
    + Perma freeze most mobs
    + High dps
    + good AoE
    + Super fast map clear
    - Can be expensive, esp to min max
    - glass cannon, You need to learn positioning 100% hit move hit move ect.
    - can run across problems with single target (bosses)

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