Ariana Grande Will Be in a very Final Fantasy Game

  • Gumi, and that is collaborating with Square Enix on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, today officially confirmed Ariana Grande's involvement inside the game.
    On surface of that, Grande's song, "Touch It," is receiving a Final Fantasy-style remix. You can hear this song inside the trailer above.
    Gumi continued to say that additional information about FFXIV Gil Grande's involvement inside game, as well to be a "limited-time in-game event," is going to be discussed inside middle on the month.
    Finally, it turned out confirmed today that Exvius is long gone 9 million downloads round the world, not including Japan. To mark the milestone, everyone is becoming a "significant boost" for daily log-in bonuses.
    The original story is below.
    Megastar Ariana Grande carries a role within a Final Fantasy mobile game. The singer announced on Instagram today which a character determined by her will show up in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which became available in 2016 for iOS and Android.
    "Pretty lil thing holds her own in the room that face men in suits ♡," Grande wrote within the caption to the Instagram photo below. "I'm SO so excited to finally share that I'll be featured in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS *crying*"Regarding her character, Grande said, "It's the cutest thing I've ever observed in my entire life and I'm so excited along with love along with it I cannot contain myself.
    "Grande's character, DW, is usually seen from the follow-up Instagram video below. The character dons Grande's trademark bunny ears.
    Grande unquestionably character Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon's Victorious before breaking out being a massively popular pop singer. Now more ways to buy bargain FF14 Gil, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.