[Poe 3.1 Dark Pact] Dark Pact Clearspeed Berserker (Enormous AO

  • This Build can be a definite speed build; it might kill bosses incredibly smoothly approximately t15 maps having a wither totem and effect just as one alternative to Inc AOE. Never expect to get POE Currency running end game bosses with it in the event you are looking for simple kills.
    This build is wholly reflected immune, we scale minuscule cold to shatter, and it will not deal enough injury to reveal any substantial areas of blowback. The only map mod you simply can't run is 'Cannot Leech'.
    We scale as a good deal of generic damage once we are capable of each dip into climbing the chaos harm dark pact supplies along with jumping cold damage (flat from gear) to supplement evident speed.
    Shattering is crucial for clearing comfortably and tends to create mapping a great deal safer. I also had the 7k life at 95 with experiences on every jewel. By the way, if you are interested to buy cheap POE Trade, stay tuned for more at mmoah.