Tips for Runescape Lumbridge Tasks

  • The Lumbridge Tasks incorporate Beginner level, Easy level, Medium level and Hard level tasks. There are no Elite tasks and heavy combat tasks. When you finish one from the tasks, you'll receive huge rewards and experience lamp.       

    Beginner Tasks    
    Non-set Beginner Tasks may be completed with little difficulty. It require 3 Smithing, 5 Attack, 5 Defence, 5 Ranged, 7 Magic, 7 Crafting, 10 Cooking Skills and Cook's Assistant, The Blood Pact, The Restless Ghost, Myths with the White Lands Quests.Completing all Beginner Tasks and chatting with Explorer Jack, you may receive an Explorer's Ring 1 and further rewards. When wearing, you'll be able to replenish 50% of your respective run energy once a day and find a 500 xp experience lamp.         
    Easy tasks    
    Easy tasks require 15 Mining, 25 Fishing, 30 Smithing, 5 Runecrafting Skills and The Restless Ghost Quest.    Completing every one of the beginner and tasks and chatting with Bob the axe salesman in Lumbridge, you'll get an upgraded ring, Explorer's Ring 2 and further rewards. When wearing, you'll be able to replenish 50% of one's run energy twice each day, get 30 free Low Alchemy castings on a daily basis (requires Magic level 21), 10% prospects for crafting an added air, earth, fire or water rune for every single essence you have and a 1000xp experience lamp(Level 30+).         
    Medium tasks    Medium tasks require 36 Smithing, 31 Magic, 30 Mining, 30 Woodcutting, 30 Firemaking, 40 Cooking, 30 Fishing, 16 Crafting Skills and Dragon Slayer, Cook's Assistant Quest.Completing every one of the beginner, simple and medium tasks and speaking with Ned in Draynor Village (north on the bank), you'll be able to get an aftermarket ring, Explorer's Ring 3 and extra rewards. When wearing, you may replenish 50% within your run energy three times daily, free unlimited teleports for the cabbage patch south of Falador farm, north of Port Sarim and have 1500 xp(level 35+) experience lamp.
    Hard tasks    
    Hard tasks require 50 Cooking, 50 Crafting, 60 Firemaking, 59 Magic, 45 Prayer, 57 Runecrafting, 68 Smithing Skills. Completing all of the beginner, easy, medium, and hard tasks and chatting with Ned in Draynor Village (north with the bank), you are able to get one more upgraded ring, Explorer's ring 4 and extra rewards. When wearing, you are able to get 27 free Superheat Item castings every day (requires Magic level 43), 15 free High-level Alchemy castings daily (requires Magic level 55) and 9000 XP (Level 49+) experience lamp.         
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